When is weather-reactive marketing most effective?
Weather changes continuously and varies nationwide, which provides opportunities to communicate with customers who are aware of current and forecast weather conditions.
Weather does not only influence travel, aktivities and plans, but also people’s moods.
Why target marketing on the basis of weather?

Moods/feelings are one or the prime reasons to communicate timely messages to customers. Weather is always timely – as subject of conversation and otherwise. By customizing marketing content to reflect the weather, you can create a greater impact on your customer’s feelings. Sunsää helps you to get closer to your customers, at the most opportune moments. This means that customers are more receptive and more active.

How easy is it to utilize?

Sunsää is a cloud service. It is platform independent, and doesn’t require installation or maintenance. The maintenance panel works through your browser, allowing you to create updates from anywhere.

How precisely can Sunsää platform predict?

We subscribe to weather forecasts from five Scandinavian organizations. All data is real-time, making forecasts as accurate as possible.


Change webstore offers based on the weather.

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Offer travellers activities suited to the weather.

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All weather is
good for business.

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Data services

We provide weather forecasts and weather history data.

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