What is Sunsää?

Sunsää is an innovative weather-driven content management platform. Sunsää is used to present products and services according to current or predicted weather conditions. The software determines your marketing automatically for different weather conditions, e.g. for snowy, cloudy, sunny or rainy weather. You can also decide at which temperatures messages are displayed.

Sunsää software can make use of digital displays, websites, webstores and banners, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.

See how Sunsää is used.

Where Sunsää works

  • Webstore 100%
  • Shops 100%
  • Turism 100%
  • Hotels 100%


Change webstore offers based on the weather.

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Offer travellers activities suited to the weather.

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All weather is
good for business.

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Data services

We provide weather forecasts and weather history data.

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