Sunsää in webstore

Sunsää locates your webstore visitors and checks their local weather conditions. Content is then determined on the basis of weather data, each weather condition generating a business season.

Weather generates demand

Sunsää helps to cater for weather-driven demand, through offering the right products at the right time. Colour schemes and weather data representation can be modified freely. Weather forecast information can also be omitted entirely.

Localised marketing is also effective on the internet

Nationwide marketing does not always match with products supplied by local retailers. It may still be winter in the North, when spring has arrived in the South. The same products aren’t attractive at the same time. Highlighting special offers in sync with local weather conditions enables you to differentiate your webstore from competitors.

You can:

  • create store specific events and offers
  • highlight products based on local needs
  • boost local events

Weather-driven impulse buying and three day forecasts

When marketing is customized locally to change with the weather, you can satisfy customers’ buying impulses continuously. Customers don’t always realize what they need, which makes timely content all the more attractive. Weather stimulates impulse purchases online.


Change webstore offers based on the weather.

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Offer travellers activities suited to the weather.

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All weather is
good for business.

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Data services

We provide weather forecasts and weather history data.

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Sunsää in webstore