Sunsää for Travel

Weather stimulates demand

Sunsää facilitates supply – offer the right products at the right time. The colour scheme can be freely modified. Weather forecast information can also be modified or hidden from view.

Weather-reactivity serves to protect

The service can help you to recommend activities best suited to the weather. Sunsää recommendations can be associated with numerous conditions, such as snowy, cloudy, sunny or rainy weather. You can also decide at what temperatures content and activities are displayed.

Sunsää is also reactive to the northern lights

Sunsää’s development takes into consideration special demands for travel. The service can for example be used for Aurora alerts, when conditions are ideal for seeing the northern lights. Don’t miss your chance. .

Whatever the weather - you can always please customers

Different venues and activities are best suited to different weather; e.g. during a deep freeze customers can enjoy a day trip to a wilderness cabin or an exhibition at a local art gallery.
A satisfied customer is the best form marketing – now you can make it simple, it’s worth a try.

Weather-reactive services allow you to specify recommendations day-to-day, and to customize how they look on websites, display screens and mobile devices. A 5 day weather forecast (night & day) is included as standard.


Change webstore offers based on the weather.

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Offer travellers activities suited to the weather.

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All weather is
good for business.

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Data services

We provide weather forecasts and weather history data.

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