Sunsää for shops

Every moment is a marketing season

Varying weather conditions represent a significant yet largely untapped commercial opportunity. Sunsää allows you to offer your customers the right products at the right time.

Weather is eternal and powerful. It makes sense to harness it’s sales potential – now it’s easy.

Service generated by up-to-date advertising.

It’s surprising how much influence the weather has on daily life and moods – and consequently how we consume. Consider how accurately targeted your marketing can be, when driven by current or predicted weather. Imagine how much more effective your ads are, when recipients feel that they are being communicated to more personally.

Weather stimulates demand

Sunsää helps to improve supply – by offering the right products at the right time. The colour scheme is freely customizable. Weather forecast information can also be modified, or omitted entirely.

Local weather strongly influences demand for products.

In the North it’s still winter, when people are already cycling in the South. The same products are not simultaneously in demand nationwide.

Weather-reactivity creates opportunities to harness websites, banners, or shopping centre display screens, for tempting customers with captivating weather-related campaigns.

There are two ways to run the service.

  1. Products are advertised based on current or predicted weather.
  2. Advertised products remain the same, but marketing messages are weather-driven.


Change webstore offers based on the weather.

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Offer travellers activities suited to the weather.

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All weather is
good for business.

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Data services

We provide weather forecasts and weather history data.

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